Help adults with autism reach their full potential!

Autism is a lifelong diagnosis. We believe that support should be, too.

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Autism is a lifelong diagnosis. We believe that support should be, too.

Kids with autism become adults with autism.

But for autistic youth and their families, the eventual transition to adulthood is often a frightening time of uncertainty. Unlike other disabilities, the vital supports which many autistic people have relied on for most of their lives suddenly disappear at the age of 21, when the person "ages out" of services provided by schools.

The few programs that do exist for adults with autism often have long waiting lists, prerequisites, are unaffordable, or cannot provide the specific help that many individuals need. With no support and nowhere to turn, adults with autism are at immense risk of isolation, loneliness, unemployment, and overall lack of purpose.

Although 61% of adults with autism want to hold a job, 85% are unemployed, including those with a college degree. This is the lowest employment rate of any disability group! More than half of young adults on the autism spectrum report that they have not met with a friend over the past year. And although 78% of adults with autism wish to live independently, 90% rely on a parent or guardian or lack independent living options. With your help, the ACRES Project is working to create those options.

We are a community-funded 501(c)(3) nonprofit that believes people never "age out" of the need for a supportive community, a well-paying job, or a friendly face. With over half of our paid staff on the autism spectrum, we pride ourselves on creating unique social, vocational, and educational opportunities designed by and for people with autism.

With your support, ACRES is partnering with local businesses to help job seekers on the autism spectrum obtain paid, real-world work experience while educating employers about the valuable skills that employees with autism can bring to the community. Our new, state-of-the-art aquaponics greenhouse is allowing individuals to find sustainable employment, connections with others, and a sense of purpose while growing sustainable produce for the community. Meanwhile, artists and entrepreneurs have discovered pride in creating and selling embroidery, soaps, and dye-sublimated gifts through Acres Artisans, an autism-managed small business. And when somebody just needs a friend or a place to hang out, ACRES is there to provide a safe, welcoming social environment for neurodiverse individuals to connect with each other and share their passions.

Your generous gift allows the ACRES Project to provide these and many more programs at no cost to participants, and ensures that we will be able to create even more programs to respond to the future needs of our community.

Thank you for helping us create a world where everyone can achieve their full potential!